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My objective, in large, is to help keep the Engines of American Economy turning.  

Less generally, my career focus has been to find opportunities to find best practices or at least good ways to use applied technologies to execute and improve business and commerce.

These activities have covered a wide range of functions from Corporate I.T. Executive, Computer Software Engineer, Broadcast and AV Production Technician, to Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Business Consultant.

My work ethic causes me to strive for excellence.  I take pride in being able to bring knowledge and creativity to bear in any situation, with the end result of delivering an effective solution and beneficial outcome.

My working life is an important part of who I am, a platform from which I express self-worth and value.  It's not just a necessary evil to be endured until I can enjoy a so-called "leisurely retirement."

I believe you will find me to be among the more experienced, knowledgeable, and capable people in the workforce.  I look for opportunities to do things which interest me.  The interest usually involves a good challenge, good work environment, and reasonable revenue stream.  We work together for win-win outcomes.
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